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This page is attached to Chuck Betsworth's Voyage of a Merchant Sailor, Part Three


September 8th, 1996, Esquimalt, B.C., Canada

On September 8th, 1996, the Camp Norway Foundation held a Memorial Service and Medallion Presentation at the Esquimalt, British Columbia War Memorial in order to honour Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans who had served aboard Norwegian merchant ships during World War Two.

Lawrence M. WIDENE Thomas Peter FAULKNER
Francis Trevor POLLOCK David Kidd SMITH
Frances Joan HENRIKSEN** Eric A. ROCKER
Robert Siteman CARPENTER* Freedolph M. PETERSEN
Lewis Raymond CROSBY Harry Tweed LATHWELL*
William E. HAWLEY Emile George DAY*
Edward W. ROBB Harald LIKNESS
Charles M. HITCHEN Edward Roy BLAINEY
William PAQUETTE* Charles E. (Chuck) BETSWORTH
Ray GREW Gordon Wallace THOMSON
George W.D. PLANK

* Indicates that the medallion was awarded posthumously.

** Frances Joan Hendriksen was one of eight Canadian women who served on Norwegian merchant ships during WWII as radio operators or "Sparks". Frances was aboard a Norwegian tanker supplying fuel to US Naval Ships at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands in March 1944 -- the same time that Chuck Betsworth was there aboard the Motor Tanker Pan Europe. For more information on the MT Pan Europe please visit Siri Holm Lawson's website.

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