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Allied Merchant Navy of World War II:


Mike Parker's highly esteemed oral history Running the Gauntlet, originally published in 1994, has been re-issued by Nimbus Books and is available at Amazon. For more information, Please Click Here.
Seeing the World Thro' a Porthole: My Memoirs by British Merchant Seaman Veteran Gilbert John Townsend has been published by Xlibris and is now available from

July 2005 UPDATE:
Commander Fraser McKee's new book about the Canadian and Newfoundland merchant ships lost in WWII, Sink All the Shipping There: Canada's Lost Wartime Merchant Ships and Fishing Schooner Sinkings, is now available from Amazon Books.


Please note: AddALL Used and Out of Print Book Search and Abe are useful sources for rare and out-of-print books world-wide.
For a more extensive list of "Battle of the Atlantic", Merchant Navy and WWII books, please go to Tom Purnell's Bibliography.

Amborski, Leonard E. The Last Voyage: Maritime Heroes of World War Two. Orlando, Florida: FirstPublish, 2001. This book tells the tragic story of Convoy ON-127 which was attacked by a German wolfpack in September 1942. One of the men who lost his life was was Leonard Amborski's brother Norbert who was serving aboard the SS Stone Street. For more information please write directly to Leonard Amborski at

British Vessels Lost at Sea 1914-18, 1939-45. Wellingborough, Northants: Patrick Stephens Ltd, Thorsens Publishing Group, 1988. This book is a reprint of the original documents of Naval and Merchant Ship Losses which were published in 1919 and 1947 respectively. Stephens first published this version in two volumes in 1976-77.

Broadfoot, Barry. Six War Years 1939-1945: Memories of Canadians at Home and Abroad. Don Mills, Ontario: PaperJacks, c1974. The wide range of subjects covered in this oral history include life aboard a corvette, Duchess of Richmond's narrow escape from Admiral Scheer, and a delightful yarn entitled "The U-boat and the Cat".

Byers, R., ed. The Canadians at War, 1939-45, 2nd ed.. Toronto: The Readers' Digest Association (Canada) Ltd., c.1986. This well-illustrated book features several chapters on the "Battle of the Atlantic".

Campbell, John A. Hulks: The Breakwater Ships of Powell River. Published in 2003 and available from:
Powell River Historical Museum and Archives
P.O. Box 42, Powell River, B.C. V8A 4Z5 CANADA
Phone: 604-485-2222 Fax: 604-485-2327 E-mail:
This book tells the history of Albertolite and the other ships of the unique floating breakwater in Powell River, British Columbia. Ian Ferguson was one of the contributors to this book.

Carroll, Olive J. Deep Sea 'Sparks': A Canadian Girl in the Norwegian Merchant Navy. Vancouver: Cordillera Publications Co., c1993. Olive Carroll was Radio Operator aboard Westfal-Larsen's MV Siranger after the Second World War.

Caulfield, Malachy Francis (Max). A Night of Terror: The Story of the Athenia Affair. London: Muller, 1958. Alternative Title: Tomorrow Never Came: the Sinking of the SS Athenia.

Constant, Alan R. Sinking of the Montrolite. Tobermory, Ontario, 2002. ISBN 0968927114. In this book Alan documents the February 4, 1942 sinking of the Canadian Imperial Oil tanker by U-109. Alan's two great-uncles were among the 28 men who died. As well as providing the history of the sinking, Alan also documents how he used the Internet to research and compile the story. More information about his book can be found at Alan's website Alan R. Constant Presents.

Cowling, William (Bill). 1413 Days: In the Wake of a Canadian DEMS Gunner. Written and Published by William A. Cowling of Calgary, Alberta, c.1994. The story of Bill's father, Walter Stewart Cowling, who served as a DEMS gunner aboard a variety of merchant ships during WWII.

Darlington, Captain Robert A. and McKee, Commander Fraser M. The Canadian Naval Chronicle 1939-1945: The Successes and Losses of the Canadian Navy in World War Two. St. Catharine's, Ontario: Vanwell Pub., c1996.

New Duskin, Gerald L. and Segman, Ralph. If the Gods Are Good: The Epic Sacrifice of HMS Jervis Bay Manchester, UK: Crécy Publishing Ltd., 2005. ISBN: 0859791076 (Originally published by Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2004)

Dyer, Jim and Edwards, Bernard. [editors] Death and Donkeys' Breakfasts: The War Beyond Lundy. Newport, Gwent: D. and E. Books, c1988. This book is recommended by Jim Balfe, whose uncle Frank Balfe was a Merchant Seaman from Wales and one of the contributors to this book.

Edwards, Bernard, Captain. Attack and Sink!: The Battle for Convoy SC42. Wimborne Minster, UK: New Guild, 1995.

Edwards, Bernard, Captain. The Fighting Tramps: The Merchant Navy Goes to War. London: Hale, 1989.

Ennis, John. The Great Bombay Explosion . London: Cassell, 1959. (also published same year in New York by Duell, Sloan, and Pearce.) Author and eye-witness John M. Harding (see below) considers this book to be the "definitive book" on the Bombay Explosion of April 14th, 1944.

Francis, Diane. "The Battle to Right History's Wrong". Macleans, September 22, 1997, vol 110 no 38 p. 66. In this article Canadian journalist Diane Francis pays tribute to the Allied Merchant Navy in WWII and focusses on Merchant Navy Veteran Phil Etter and Canadian History Professor Foster Griezic's efforts to achieve full recognition and benefits for Merchant Navy Veterans.

Frump, Robert R. Until the Sea Shall Free Them: Life, Death and Survival in the Merchant Marine. Doubleday, 2002. This book tells the tragic story of the 1982 Marine Electric disaster and of survivor Bob Cusick's courageous legal battle to reform the law and make American ships safer. For more Please click Here

German, Commander Tony. The Sea is at Our Gates: The History of the Canadian Navy . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, Inc., c1990.

German, Commander Tony. "Preserving the Atlantic Lifeline". Legion Magazine, May/June 1998. pp 8-15.

Giesler, Patricia. Valour at Sea: Canada's Merchant Navy. Ottawa: Veterans Affairs Canada, 1998.

Giesler, Patricia: The Battle of the Atlantic. Ottawa: Veterans Affairs Canada, c1998. Published to mark the 55th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.

Gradon, John. "Nothing to Debate About Merchant Seamen Payments", Calgary Herald, May 22, 1999. In this article the author pays tribute to Merchant Navy veteran Captain Keith Temple who survived the sinkings of SS Rio Clara and MV British Triumph.

Graham, Donald. Keepers of the Light: A History of British Columbia's Lighthouses and Their Keepers Madeira Park, B.C.: Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd., c1985.

Granatstein, J.L. and Morton, Desmond. A Nation Forged in Fire: Canadians and the Second World War 1939-1945. Toronto: Lester and Orpen Dennys, 1989.

Hague, Arnold. The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945: Its Organization, Defense, and Operation. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2000. (Canadian edition published by Vanwell Publishing Ltd., St. Catharine's, Ontario, 2000) Merchant Navy veteran Harley D. Iler highly recommends this book.

Halford, Robert G. The Unknown Navy: Canada's World War II Merchant Navy. St. Catharine's, Ontario: Vanwell Pub., c1995. Canadian historian Marc Milner has called this book "the most comprehensive assessment of Canada's Second World War merchant navy yet published".

Hansson, Per. One in Ten Had to Die: The Grim Experiences of a Convoy Ship During the War in the Atlantic. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd, c1970. (Translated from Norwegian).

Harbron, John D. The Longest Battle: The RCN in the Atlantic 1939-1945 . St. Catharine's, Ontario: Vanwell Pub., c1993, 1995. John Harbron is also the author of It's Almost Too Late". Report of the Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, 1991.

Harding, John H. "Quenching the Fires of Hell". February 2002 edition of Naval History Magazine published by U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Maryland. In this article US Army Airforces Veteran John H. Harding gives a moving first-hand account of the April 1944 Bombay Explosion and of the rescue operation which took place afterwards.

Heal, S.C. A Great Fleet of Ships: The Canadian Forts and Parks. St. Catherine's, Ontario: Vanwell Publishers, 1999. This book is a wonderful history of and tribute to the Canadian-built Fort and Park ships. It includes a fold-out plan of the original North Sands type of ship. S.C. Heal is also the author of Conceived in War, Born in Peace: Canada's Deep Sea Merchant Marine.

Hibbert, Joyce. Fragments of War: Stories from Survivors of World War Two. Toronto: Dundern Press Ltd., c1985. This riveting collection of personal narratives includes "Athenia Survivor" by Barbara (Bailey) Durant, "Sinking of the SS Sinkiang by Merchant Navy veteran Stanley Salt, "To the Far Shore" by RCN veteran Iver J. Gillen and "Greenland Ordeal" by Merchant Navy veteran Ronald E. Snow who served with the hazardous Atlantic Ferry Organization/Ferry Command.

How, Douglas. Night of the Caribou. Hantsport, Nova Scotia: Lancelot Press, 1988. This book describes the shocking sinking of the Newfoundland ferry SS Caribou by U-69 in October 1942. This tragic loss was described by author and RCN veteran James Lamb (see below) as "the most significant sinking of the war" for Canada and Newfoundland.

Hutcherson, William (Bill). Sparks in the Parks: the Experiences of a Canadian Radio Officer while Serving in the Wartime Built Deep-Sea Freighters of Canada's Fourth Service, the Canadian Merchant Navy. Richmond, B.C.: Old Hutch Publications, c2000. Available from Richmond Book Services, Box 46, 8415 Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. V6P 4Z9. Bill Hutcherson first went to sea in 1944 as Third Radio Operator aboard SS Crystal Park . He was also one of the contributors to Robert G. Halford's The Unknown Navy.

Imperial Oil Limited. Esso Mariners: A History of Imperial Oil's Fleet Operations from 1899-1980. Toronto: Imperial Oil Limited, 1980.

Jenkins, David. Battle Surface!: Japan's Submarine War against Australia, 1942-44. Milsons Point, NSW: Random House Australia, 1992.

Johnston, Mac and Black, Dan. "Canada's War at Sea". Legion Magazine, May/June 1998, (Volume 73, No. 3), pp. 16-23.

Jones, Guy Pierce. Two Survived: A Modern Epic of the Sea. With an Introduction by William McFee. New York: Penguin Books, [1942]. This book describes the horrific aftermath to the sinking of the coal carrier SS Anglo Saxon by the German raider Widder. Only two seamen, Robert Tapscott and R. W. C. Widdicombe would survive the 70-day voyage to safety and Seaman Widdicombe would die only three months later when Siamese Prince was torpedoed with the loss of all aboard.

Jordan, Roger W. The World's Merchant Fleets 1939: The Particulars and Wartime Fates of 6,000 Ships. London, England: Chatham, 1999. This is a great reference tool for ocean-going ships up to 1939.

Kahn, David. Seizing the Enigma: The Race to Break the German U-boat Codes, 1939-1943. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1991.

Kemp, Paul. Convoy! Drama in Arctic Waters. London: Cassell & Co., 2000. (First published 1993 by Arms & Armour). The author dedicated this book about the Arctic Convoys to his late father, James Kemp, a Merchant Navy Veteran of WWII.

Lamb, James B. The Corvette Navy: True Stories from Canada's Atlantic War. Toronto: MacMillan of Canada, 1977.

Lamb, James B. On the Triangle Run. Toronto: MacMillan of Canada, 1986.

Lamb, W. Kaye. (1904-200) Empress to the Orient. Vancouver: Vancouver Maritime Museum Society, 1991. Dr. Lamb was Dominion Archivist at the Public Archives of Canada for many years.

Lloyd's (Firm). Lloyd's War Losses: The Second World War, 3 September 1939-14 August 1945. London; New York: Lloyd's of London Press, 1989. Volume 1 includes British, Allied, and neutral merchant vessels sunk or destroyed by war causes (does not cover ships lost to "marine accident".) Volume 2 contains statistics showing monthly losses.

Lockwood-Lee, Dennis. A Letter to Lawrence: A Memoir of a Man's Life-Long Search for Life's Meaning. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford Publishing, 1999. Merchant Navy Veteran and Japanese POW survivor Dennis Lockwood-Lee wrote this book to his young son, Lawrence, who was born when Dennis was 72 years old.

MacGregor, Roy.
"Veteran Wins Last Battle on Legal Front", National Post, 6 March 1999, National edition, pA1. In this article the author pays tribute to the then gravely ill Merchant Navy veteran and ex-POW Gordon Olmstead, praising him as "perhaps the most determined fighter this country has ever known".

"Honouring the Man Who Wouldn't Let them Forget: Gordon Olmstead Proved Merchant Mariners Mattered", National Post, 4 November 1999. This article describes the touching memorial service which was held by Gordon's friends to honour him six months after his death.

MacPherson, Ken and Burgess, John. The Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1993: A Complete Pictorial History of Canadian Warships . St. Catharines, Ont.: Vanwell Pub., c1994.

Marcoux, Carl Henry. "Merchant Marine at War" in the magazine World War Two, published May 2000.

Marcus, Alex. "DEMS? What's DEMS?": The Story of the Men of the Royal Australian Navy Who Manned Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships During World War Two. Brisbane: Boolarong, 1986. Tim Vickridge's father, Len Vickridge, who was one of the first West Australian DEMS gunners, is one of the contributors to this book (see Chapter One). For Tim's striking photos of the DEMS plaque at Monument Hill Reserve in Fremantle, Western Australia, please Click Here.

McCart, Neil. "The Loss of the Athenia", Ships Monthly, September 1989, pp 34-36.

New McKee, Fraser M. Sink all the Shipping There: Canada's Lost Wartime Merchant Ships and Fishing Schooner Sinkings. Vanwell Publishing, St. Catharines, Ontario, 2004. ISBN 1551250551.
In this long-awaited and meticulously-researched book, Commander McKee gives detailed histories of sixty Canadian merchant ship losses, compiled whenever possible from primary sources and survivor interviews. For more information, please see Amazon Books.

McMahon, Fred. "Compensation Doesn't Match the Price Paid: Merchant Mariners Deserve More From Ottawa". Calgary Herald, May 22, 2001. Past-President of the Calgary CMNVA, Vern Harvey, highly recommends this article written by one of the directors of the the Fraser Institute.

Mitchell, W. H. (William Harry) and Sawyer, L. A. (Leonard Arthur). The Empire Ships: A Record of British-built and Acquired Merchant Ships During the Second World War. 2nd ed. London : Lloyd's of London Press, 1990. The first edition Empire ships of World War II was published in Liverpool by Sea Breezes in 1965.

Moore, Captain Arthur R. A Careless Word...A Needless Sinking: A History of the Staggering Losses Suffered by the U.S. Merchant Marine, Both in Ships and Personnel, During World War Two. King's Point, N.Y.: American Merchant Marine Museum at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, c1983.

Mumford, J. Gordon. The Black Pit...and Beyond. Burnstown, Ontario: General Store Publishing House, 2000. This book which is based on the author's own wartime experience, features the tragic story of Convoy ONS-154. To read a wonderful review of "Black Pit" by University of Manitoba professor Alexander D. Gregor, please Click Here . To order please go to Gordon's Webpage.

Mumford, J. Gordon. The Sampan Girl. Burnstown, Ontario: General Store Publishing House, 2001. This novel which is also based on the author's own wartime experience, is the sequel to The Black Pit...and Beyond. To order please go to Gordon's Webpage.

New Neilsen, Peter. North Queensland at War, Volume One: Naval and Merchant Shipping Movements (1939-1942). Published 2005. This is the first volume in Peter's multi-volume history which chronicles all Allied shipping movements in the waters off North Queensland, Australia during World War II.
Please see Peter Neilsen's website North Queensland at for further details.

Nissen, Jack and Cockerill, A.V. Winning the Radar War: A Memoir. Toronto: Collins, c.1987.

O'Brien, David. HX-72, the First Convoy to Die: The Wolfpack Attack That Woke up the Admiralty. Halifax: Nimbus Publishing, 1999. David's father, Pat O'Brien, who was serving as Fifth Engineer aboard the tanker Frederick S. Fales, was one of the survivors of HX-72.

Ottersen, Betty Lake. Edited by Helen Lake Westall. Quite the Gal! Published 2003 and available from Wireless Publishing, 409-470 George St. S., Peterborough, ON, K9J 3E4, Canada. Telephone: (705) 748-6537. ISBN 0-9731253-0-6 This autobiography of Merchant Navy Radio Operator Betty Lake Ottersen tells about her experiences aboard a WWII tanker. This book is highly recommended by CMNVA members Captain Jim McKellar (Ret'd) and Ken Harper.

Padfield, Peter. War Beneath the Sea: Submarine Conflict 1939-1945. London: John Murray Ltd., c1995.

Parker, Mike. Running the Gauntlet: An Oral History of Canadian Merchant Seamen in World War II. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Nimbus Publishing Ltd., c1994. This book features the personal reminiscences of 50 Merchant Navy veterans, many of them from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. PLEASE NOTE: This book was reprinted by Nimbus Publishing in October 2003 .

Prim, Captain Joseph and McCarthy, Michael J. Those in Peril: The U-boat Menace to Allied Shipping in Newfoundland and Labrador waters in World War I and World War II. St. John's, Nfld.: Jesperson Publishing, 1995. The University of Kansas notes that this book contains "useful information not easily found elsewhere."

Reid, Max. DEMS at War!: Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships and the Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945. ALTERNATE TITLE: D.E.M.S. and the Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945. Ottawa: Commoners' Publishing Society, c1990.

Reminick, Gerald.
Patriots and Heroes: True Stories of the U.S. Merchant Marine in WWII [Volume One]. Palo Alto, CA: Glencannon Press, 2000, ISBN 1-889901-14-8 (320 pp., Soft Cover).

Patriots and Heroes: True Stories of the U.S. Merchant Marine in WWII, Volume Two. Palo Alto, CA: Glencannon Press, 2003, ISBN 1-889901-31-8. (356 pp., 80+ illus. Soft cover).

Nightmare in Bari: The WWII Liberty Ship Poison Gas Disaster and Cover-Up. Palo Alto, CA: Glencannon Press, 2001, ISBN 1-889901-21-0. (288 pp., Soft Cover).

Death`s Railway: A Merchant Mariner POW on the River Kwai. Palo Alto, CA: Glencannon Press, 2002, ISBN 1-889901-27-X. (276 pp., 90+ photos, Soft cover). This is the story of Dennis Roland and Stanley Willner who were taken prisoner when their ship the MS Sawokla was sunk by the German Raider Michel 29 November 1942.

No Surrender: True Stories of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard in World War II. Palo Alto, CA: Glencannon Press, 2004. [ISBN and further info pending as of August 2004]

Matty Loughran, Historian North Atlantic Chapter American Merchant Marine Vets (AMMV) highly recommends all of Gerald Reminick's books. To read Bill Bleyer's fascinating article, "Finally Their Tale is Told" about Gerald Reminick and Matty Loughran, please go to

Robertson, Terence. Walker RN: The Story of Captain Frederic John Walker CB, DSO and Three Bars, RN. London, Evans Brothers, 1956. Also published in 1975 by White Lion Publishers of London.

Robinson, David A.: The Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Ottawa: Veterans Affairs Canada, c1999. Published to mark the 55th anniversary of the Battle of the St. Lawrence. Available from: Veterans Affairs Canada, 15th Floor, 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0P4

Rohwer, Jürgen. Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two: German, Italian and Japanese Successes, 1939-1945. London: Greenhill Books; Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, c1999.

Ruegg, Bob and Hague, Arnold. Convoys to Russia : Allied Convoys and Naval Surface Operations in Arctic waters 1941-1945. Kendal, England: World Ship Society, 1992. Former Radio Operator Gordon Maberley, who served aboard the freighter SS Capulin and journeyed to Murmansk on his very first voyage, recommends this book highly.

Sager,Eric W. Ships and Memories: Merchant Seafarers in Canada's Age of Steam. Vancouver, B.C.: UBC Press, c1993.

Schofield, Vice-Admiral B.B. and Martyn, Lieutenant- Commander (SP) L.F. The Rescue Ships. Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood & Sons Ltd., 1968.

Schofield, Brian Betham. (same author as Vice-Admiral B.B. above) The Russian convoys London : Pan Books, 1971. (Originally published, London: Batsford, 1964)

Schull, Joseph. Far Distant Ships: An Official Account of Canadian Naval Operation in World War Two. Toronto: Stoddart, c1950, 1987.

Slader, John.
The Red Duster at War: A History of the Merchant Navy During the Second World War. London: William Kimber & Co., Ltd., c1998.

The Fourth Service: Merchantmen at War 1939-1945 . London: Robert Hale Ltd., c1994. Canadian author S.C. Heal has praised The Fourth Service as an "impressive book" and "One of the best ...and possibly the most extensive in terms of actual ship details and the numbers of vessels covered..."

Smith, Peter C. Pedestal: The Convoy that Saved Malta. This book was originally published by Kimber of London in 1970 with new editions following in 1987 and 1994. There is now a new 60th Anniversary Limited Edition which is available from

Taylor, James. Prisoner of the Kormoran: W. A. Jones' Amazing Experiences on the German Raider Kormoran, and as a Prisoner of War in Germany . Sydney, NSW: Australasian Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd., 1944. Also published in London and Sydney by Harrap, 1945. W.A. "Syd" Jones survived the June 1941 sinking of the Australian freighter SS Mareeba.

Tennent, Alan J. British and Commonwealth Merchant Ship Losses to Axis Submarines, 1939-1945. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Sutton Publishing, 2001. Vern Harvey, past-President of the Calgary CMNVA, recommends this book highly.

Townsend, Gilbert John. Seeing the World Thro' a Porthole: My Memoirs. Published by Xlibris, 2003. ISBN: 1-4010-5236-3 (Trade Paperback) and ISBN: 1-4010-5237-1 (eBook). In these memoirs British Merchant Seaman Veteran John Townsend remembers his experiences at sea before, during and after the Second World War. John served aboard many ships, four of which were subsequently sunk, and he has dedicated his book to the memory of his Shipmates, many of whom did not survive the war. Please go to John's Xlibris Page or to The Merchant Navy Association, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex Branch to read an excerpt of the book. Seeing the world Thro' a Porthole can be ordered from

Turner, Robert D. The Pacific Empresses: an Illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Empress Liners on the Pacific Ocean Victoria, B.C.: Sono Nis Press, 1981.

Walsh, Martin. The Polish Experience. (2002) In this fascinating memoir, Canadian Merchant Navy Veteran Martin Walsh writes about his 1943 adventures aboard the Polish Merchant Navy vessel SS Narvik, the celebrated rescuer of the SS Orcades survivors in October 1942. During 1943, Narvik spent much of her time in the dangerous Mediterranean, where on 14 July 1943, while berthed next to the burnt-out hull of the Dutch merchantman SS Baarn at Avola, Sicily, Martin witnessed the horrific bombing of the American Liberty Ship SS Timothy Pickering. After his time aboard Narvik, Martin made the long return voyage to North America aboard another Polish ship which also gave exemplary wartime service, the SS Baltic. To obtain a free copy of "The Polish Experience", please wtite to Martin Walsh directly at

Watt, Commander Frederick B., RCN (R) Ret'd. In All Respects Ready: The Merchant Navy and the Battle of the Atlantic. Scarborough, Ontario: Prentice-Hall, c1985. As head of the Naval Control Service in Halifax, N.S. during WWII, Commander Watt worked very hard on the behalf of Merchant seamen whom he regarded as "the most courageous men I would ever know."

Williams, Andrew Gibbon. The Battle of the Atlantic. London: BBC Worldwide, 2002. ISBN/ISSN: 056353429X (Also published in Paperback Edition in 2003). This is the book which accompanies the acclaimed BBC2 television series which was first broadcast in 2002. For more information Please click Here.

Williams, David. Liners in Battledress: Wartime Camouflage and Colour Schemes for Passenger Ship. St. Catharines, Ontario: Vanwell Pub., c1989.

Williams, David. Wartime Disasters at Sea: Every Passenger Ship Loss in World Wars I and II. Sparkford, Nr. Yeovil, Somerset: Patrick Stephens, 1997. Distributed in North America by Haynes North America of Newbury Park, Calif.

Wilson, Captain Hill. A School of Seamen, A Pride of Ships: St. Margaret's Sea Training School 1942-46 , Self-published, 1993. This book has recently been upgraded and is available from the author for $20.00 which includes shipping and handling. Captain Wilson is also working on a new edition of the book he co-authored with Donald F. Patterson -- Roll of Honour: Canadian Seamen Lost or Missing During World War Two.

Captain Wilson's address is:
2011 Frederick Norris Pl.,
Victoria BC V8P 2B1
Phone: (250) 592-1848, Fax: (250) 592-1899.

Wilson-Smith, Anthony.
"Unsung Seamen: the Merchant Navy Lived in Constant Danger", Maclean's, July 6, 1992, vol 105, no 27, p. 76-77.
"Winning Justice for Seamen", Maclean's, May 17, 1999, vol 112, no 20, p. 17.
These two articles by one of Canada's most respected journalists focus on Merchant Navy Veteran and ex-POW, the late Gordon Olmstead, a leader in the struggle to gain full recognition of Merchant Navy Veterans.

Winstanley, Anthony (Tony) F. Winstanley. Under Eight Flags: 1937-1947, the First Eleven Years at Sea, Volume 1. Published by Navigator Books in Ringwood, Hampshire, 1996. The other two books in the series, Under Eight Flags: 1948-1957, the Next Ten Years at Sea, Volume 2 (pub. 1986) and Under Eight Flags: Third book of Memoirs 1958-1991: The Last 33 Years at Sea (pub. 2001) are available from the author -- please Click Here for contact information. Charlie Mountain (SS "Veerhaven") loved these fascinating memoirs of British Merchant Navy veteran Tony Winstanley and they were among his favourite books.

Woodman, Richard. The Arctic Convoys, 1941-1945. London : John Murray, 1996, c1994. Former Radio Operator Gordon Maberley, who served aboard the freighter SS Capulin and journeyed to Murmansk on his very first voyage, recommends this book highly.

Young, Burt. Should Veterans Status be Dependent on a Kangaroo Court?" Published by Dageforde Publishing Inc. 128 East 13th St., Crete, Nebraska, 68333, USA. Tel: 1-800-216-8794. This book which exposes the unjust treatment of American Merchant Marine Veterans after WWII, is highly recommended by Merchant Marine Veteran Harold "Bud" Schmidt Sr.

Young, John M. Britain's Sea War: A Diary of Ship Losses 1939-1945. Wellingborough, Northants: Patrick Stephens, c1989.

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